Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bread for Hearts

Today, and barely under the wire, the prompt for NaPoWriMo Day 16, is to take a poem in a language you do not speak (mine is Spanish) and do a "translation" to see how the "foreign words" seem to be expressed in English (or your native tongue of choice.)

My Spanish knowledge is limited to episodes of "Dora the Explorer" and my class in medical Spanish so I am not expecting to know many words.

After you do a first pass, you are supposed to see what the poem was really saying and modify what you have written in English.  Again, 15 minutes to "deadline" after a trying day of one child shaving her eyebrows off and a phone call from the principal, this is what you get to read from me tonight ;)

Amor, Amor

Amor, amor, un hábito vestí
el cual de vuestro paño fue cortado;
al vestir ancho fue, más apretado
y estrecho cuando estuvo sobre mí.

Gracilaso de la Vega

* * *

Love, Love

Love, Love, one habit I wear
the call of views bread for hearts;
living again fuel, but apprehend
and stretch because you are serious.

First Pass Translation

* * *

Love, Love

Love, love, dressed habit
which of your cloth was cut;
the width dress was tighter
and narrow when he was on me.

Google Translate's Translation

Interesting experiment.  Kind of surprised to see I wasn't entirely in left field.  Sleep tight, more Vogon Poetry tomorrow.

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