Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Child of the House of Commons" versus "The Iron Lady"

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From the TV Show "Spitting Image"

This week the most (in my opinion) contemptible British PM, Margaret Thatcher, died this week.

In reading all the news feeds, in particular from the UK, I came across an article about Winston Churchill and how one of his poems, the only one penned by him as an adult, is going to the auction block.  In the spirit of NaPoWri Month, and learning new things, and focusing on a much nobler PM, here are some links about the poem that is up for auction and about Churchill's poetry in general.  Enjoy!

The BBC article I first came across is linked here.

The listing on the Auction House's Website, Bonhams, can be looked at here.

Finally, The Churchill Centre and Museum at the Churchill War Rooms, London, London, provides a website with a lot of free content, including his collected poetry.

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"I am a child of the House of Commons. I was brought up in my father's house to believe in democracy. 'Trust the people'—that was his message....I owe my advancement entirely to the House of Commons, whose servant I am. In my country, as in yours, public men are proud to be the servants of the State and would be ashamed to be its masters. Therefore I have been in full harmony all my life with the tides which have flowed on both sides of the Atlantic against privilege and monopoly..."

       —From a speech to a Joint Session of the States Congress, 
after Pearl Harbor, delivered 26 December 1941.

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