Saturday, April 13, 2013

"April Is..."

For the 13th Day of NaPoWriMo, I am using one of the prompts/suggestions from Charles Bernstein’s list of poetry experiments.  The one I found interesting was number 77: "Use the Googlism engine to create a poem based on a name or word."

What is "Googlism"?  You can read, in depth here, but essentially it uses Google (but is not affiliated with Google) to perform searches based on your keyword or phrase and give you a list of phrases associated with your query.  They were ordered to stop performing new searches of Google's data in 2004, but there is a lot to still read.

I decided to input "April" into Googlism and have a little fun.  Remember, these are experiments and poetry should be fun!

"April Is..."

my religion,
a band,
national humor month,
earthquake and tsunami awareness month,
the cruelest month,
the kindest month,
a beautiful time of the year,
high season for practical jokers in labs,
disaster preparedness month,
national std awareness month,
national poetry month,
the cruelest month for poetry.

-Jenn Mossholder, 31 and 3 Productions

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