Friday, April 19, 2013


NaPoWriMo is going strong at Day 19.  Today's prompt, which is totally awesomesauce, is: "Write a poem in the form of a personal ad!  Or, if you like, try any kind of want ad. Personal ads, though, do have a kind of poetry to them."

I used to read City Paper's and Philadelphia Weekly's personals with great glee.  These days, Craigslist ads are de rigueur, but are usually so obscene, it isn't fun.  I have heard some OK Cupid horror stories, from friends and Jezebel.  I wish you could read OKC without an account.

While those are fun (and shudder worthy) I decided to do something a little more topical.

Here are my efforts for Day 19:

"Secular Humanist ISO a god/goddess/idol to explain this week's events.  At a loss to continue rationalizing the actions of others.  Looking for comfort in blind faith/trust in an immortal being. Gender unimportant.  Must be a non-smiter.  No fatties."

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  1. That's a good one.
    It's hard not to be topical this week
    Love your last line. :)