Saturday, April 27, 2013

Of Crowds and Crocodiles

I wonder how I am going to write when NaPoWriMo Month is over.  The daily prompts have been super helpful in getting the gears moving.  Anyone have good writing prompt sites?  Not necessarily, preferably not, poetry.  Day 27 finds us using The Google to write a completion poem of sorts.  The challenge was to take a popular quote or phrase, pop into The Google and collect bits that interest you.

A lot of work for a gorgeous Saturday.

I chose, instead, to take a bit from the Serenity Prayer and see where it led.  The bold bits below are what I typed into the search bar, the italicized words are the results.

grant me...

the serenity
your bacon
the wisdom foundation
the courage...

ous heart of Irena Sendler
to heal
to teach
to be
the wisdom...

of insecurity
of psychopaths
of crowds
of crocodiles

-Jenn Mossholder, 31 and 3 Productions

From the seinfeldtv.tumblr site

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