Monday, April 15, 2013

Patriots' Day

Today is, well, many things.  Simply enough, it started out as Tax Day in the States and Day 15 of NaPoWriMo.  How today developed and ultimately ended is quite different.

The tragedy in Boston is incomprehensible to me.  I have tried to limit my diet of MSNBC and KYW today, getting the barest of details.  Do not mistake this for a lack of interest or concern; these 24 hour news cycles do little to improve my emotional psyche.  I am not tuned out, just selectively tuned in.

The writing prompt today was to write a pantun.  By its nature, a pantun is supposed to be light-hearted and sometimes love poems.  I am unable to write much on that topic today.

I hope this isn't terrible hokey, as it does rhyme.

Running quickly to keep the pace,
Feet fly and fumble across the race.
In Boston, the streets are set ablaze,
Patriots' Day today, Patriots now always.

-Jenn Mossholder, 31 and 3 Productions



  1. I didn't even bother with the pantun today. Maybe some other day.
    I like your last line.

  2. Wasn't sure how hokey it came across. It is the best I can do for today. Thanks for your support!