Monday, April 8, 2013

Small Victories

One of my daughters is rather short in stature and has about eleventy specialists at CHOP. Poor thing is on a diet of enviable items such as fat, ice cream, fat, nuts, nut butters, whole milk, fat, real butter, and quite possibly, Crisco.

She has been reporting some "sensations" after she eats nuts. Like, "my lips are tingling, now my tongue, my throat feels weird", kind of reporting that no parent wants to hear. A lot of her fat and calories come from nuts. So today we spent a good portion of our morning at CHOP Allergy for skin testing.

This child, while short, is strong and recently afraid of needles. (Shout out to the oral surgeon who terrified her beyond all comprehension!) Last week we were at CHOP Genetics and she was with my husband and two phlebotomists getting a small vial of blood drawn while I was across the hospital (same floor, possibly 3 blocks away though) and could hear her resisting and fighting and crying. I had promised her today was going to be "something like a popsicle stick with stuff you may be allergic to, but no needles, I swear, when have I lied to you, don't you trust me?"

After we met with nice doctor, serious nurse comes in and lays down her set up of about 40 vials of allergens, alcohol swabs and a sharp metal jabbing looking item. Let the screaming and jumping off the table begin!

Telling the nurse I had promised there would be candy and unicorns at this appointment the nurse turns from my child and informs me maybe I shouldn't talk to my daughter about things I know nothing about. After pinning down the wriggling mass of an 52 pound-11 year old, the nurse mapped out some marks on her forearm with pen, dropped the scary potions on her, then (gently) jabbed each drop into her skin. Struggling stops, tissues offered, nurse glaring at me.

Fast forward 30 minutes and we are done and cleared to eat anything she wants again. No true allergies, just "sensitivities". Big sigh of relief.

What to do with the rest of the day? I should be a "good" mom and take her into school but it was 77° in Philadelphia in April so we played hooky. I took her for a tour of my college alma mater; went for a walk in a sculpture garden; ate ice cream while walking on cobblestones; and ended the day with simply throwing rocks into a creek. Bliss.

Tomorrow the PSSAs start back up (Pennsylvania's crazy standardized testing for NCLB). (Wish I had read Punky Mama's post from yesterday first.) Today was a small victory in my on going battle with the school, and the education system, and finding time to spend with my daughters one on one, and against stupid medical crap, and just having a really great day with a really great kid.

To continue the NaPoWriMo Thread, here is my gift to you today from Publius Ovidius Naso (aka Ovid):

"O lente, lente currite noctis equi!"

O, run slowly, slowly, horses of the night!

Originally from Ovid's "Amore" (Liber I, XIII, Line 40: Lente currite noctis equi)

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