Friday, April 26, 2013

"So Old, It's New"

Ballads.  This is the prompt for NaPoWriMo Day 25.  The word ballad brings up a lot of images in my mind but none stronger than the 1980s Power Rock Ballads.  Remember the hair on those falsely sincere metal-lite bands singing (usually in a black and white music video) about love and loss?

My teen aged daughter had her first slow dance with a boy recently.  What song was playing?  "Every Rose Has a Thorn" by Poison.  Seriously?  25 years later this snivel is helping 13 year old boys to sway close to a girl.  Mr. Bret Michaels of Rock of Love, Celebrity Apprentice, and creator of his own doggie fashion line (available at PetSmart) has created a song that spans generations?

Am I becoming a cranky, almost-40 year old woman?  Probably.

Same daughter came home last week to show me "an old type dance we learned in music class."  What was it?

The Hustle.

Le sigh.

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