Friday, April 26, 2013

We Are All Stardust

26th Day of NaPoWriMo: Prompt is "erasure poetry".  (no, nothing to do with Andy Bell)  Basically, the idea is take a poem and systematically erase parts of the poem to create a new work. Maybe some poems have "sub-poems" hidden within them or can be altered to convey an entirely different message.

I did not work with a poem for the erasure challenge, opting to take a prose passage from an author whose prose is poetry to my eyes and ears:  Neil Gaiman.  I chose a random passage from his book "Stardust". (pp 122-123)

Here are the altered pages:

Here is the poem I extracted:

Grass can speak but it shall not profit you,
even if another wide with fright, cut to form, silver flashes.

The lady in the scarlet kirtle shall vex and irritate you,
with more grace and respect in the future.

The long grass exclaimed aloud "I'm getting old.  Getting old.
And there's no doing anything about that."

-Jenn Mossholder, 31 and 3 Productions

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