Thursday, May 9, 2013

Monster in the Room

The creature slowly turned its thick, green neck from side to side, its scales scraping against one another making a terrifyingly musical sound.  The child cowered behind the water heater, not daring to breathe, blink or cry.  The boy's shoulders were barely broad enough to fill out the shirt he wore, much less broad enough to have the fate of humanity rest so heavily upon them.


Our friend Julie over at Word Nerd Girl has provided a quick prompt for us today.  She writes, " A monster walks into the room where you’re reading this right now. Write 3-5 lines of a poem or paragraph about what happens next."

Above is my less than three minute paragraph.  Writing, even a tiny bit, a rough paragraph, everyday keeps your creative chi flowing.  Is it a perfect 3 sentences?  No, but it can be improved and expanded as I wish.

Happy writing!

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