Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Body Heat

From WordNerdGirl: "A "Senseless" writing prompt today: 3-5 lines describing a rainy scene. Be detailed. The twist: No visuals. Describe your scene using only smell, taste, touch, sound."


It was a moonless night, dark and still and thick with humidity.  There was no way to mark the passage of time other than tossing and turning in the limp pile of damp sheets.  Left, right, back, left, right - sweat trickling down my skin but making little progress as even it was too exhausted to make the journey down my body.

The fan made useless movements against the tide, gently whirring above me.  The evening stretched on and on and when I had just about given up hope of any rest I felt the drapes next to me rustle.  Their crisp, cool cotton whispered of a hope of a breeze.  I could feel their dance intensify and started to smell a shift in the air.  The blowing increased and with it brought a faint tap-tap-tap of rain onto the tar shingles.  The smell of the sizzle the cold making contact with the still too warm roof reminded me of a sauna.

As the drizzle up tempo-ed into a shower I felt little compunction to leave my nest of a bed and lay there, listening to the pops and sizzles and eventually drum beat of the storm.  Sweet relief from my heat induced insomnia blew across my soul and I drifted into a peaceful, cool slumber.

The morning will be damp again but cooler, greener, and alive with possibilities.

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