Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Student Becomes the Master

I was driving home in god-awful rush hour traffic yesterday with two of my daughters.  We had some doctor appointments to attend and after we went to the mall (or as King of Prussia Mall  is known "The Mall" and a quick Chinese dinner. It was a nice day despite the traffic and torrential rain.

While I was stopped on the highway behind the man with no taillights or brakelights, again, I asked a general question of my kids.  "Do you guys think it's weird that my dad and I haven't seen or spoken to one another in a year?"  I could see the glances between them, calculating an answer.  "It's a not a trick question, ladies, I really want to know what you think."

The eldest, my 13 year old, hems and haws a bit but tells me this really doesn't bother her or the other three. I ask, "But don't I have some sort of obligation to respect my parents?  No matter how selfish and weird they are acting?".  She turns to me and says, "Mom, is he showing you respect by not calling or emailing or anything?  He is acting like a big baby."

She blew my mind.

I am going to be 40 next month.  Feel a little better about this than the 29/30 transition.  But this will be the first birthday ever I will not hear or see from my dad.  The best gift I have received so far is (aside from my motorcycle) the gift of perspective from my children.

Best gift ever.

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