Sunday, July 14, 2013


Okay, first some good news.  After riding around with renewed permit after permit, today ended 21 years without a motorcycle license.  Considering it was also about 1000 percent humidity today and I had to ride around a parking lot for 5 hours in full gear, I am patting myself on my back.  Feels like I accomplished something pretty big in my life.  Two decades and three bikes later - I am legit.

And now, the not so good news.  My eldest daughter and I visited Laurel Hill Cemetery last night for "Cinema in the Cemetery".  It was a fun night, despite the ginormous mosquitoes.  On the way home we turned on the radio and heard the "breaking news" about the Travon Martin/George Zimmerman trial.  We were both pretty dumbfounded.  It was a good chance to discuss race and our criminal system (if any silver lining can be found in this fiasco) but it was heartbreaking nonetheless.

This morning before my big parking lot/frying pan test I hear the news about one of the "stars" of "Glee" had passed away.  Instantly, my feed was blowing up with more information and analysis of this 31 year old actor passing away (most likely he contributed to his own death by his habits) than news out of Florida.  Each life should be honored - I am not that callous.  But a "D List" celebrity is not more news-worthy or tragic than the death of Travon.

Travon's death wasn't drug or alcohol related.  Travon wasn't glamorous or on television.  His "sin" was being born black in America.  His death makes no sense to me.  This isn't the most eloquent post you'll read about this whole travesty but I did want to get my words out tonight.  You know, before another "celebrity" dies or has a nip slip or gives birth to a weathervane.  Travon isn't the first or last black kid to be killed for no reason (or very, very, very faulty reasoning) at all.

We should really sit up, take notice, and take stock as a Country and society about what garners our attention.

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