Monday, July 1, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho

I have approximately 50 more hours of "being in my thirties".  My earlier post suggested I am okay with this; in general, yes I am.  50 hours out?  A little panicky :)  Today's writing prompt from Julie at WordNerdGirl is as follows: "My son made a Christmas in July list. It includes a cash machine that prints real money & a hovercraft that floats 6 ft off the ground. Today's writing prompt: 3-5 lines of your own Christmas in July wish list."

Consider this a mash of a Christmas in July Wish List with the Mid-Life Crisis Bucket List, if you will.


  1. Learn how to play "Great Balls of Fire" on the piano - well.
  2. Drive coast to coast across America.
  3. Become a "Massage-a-Week" gift program member; and invent such a program.
  4. Visit Thailand.
  5. Finish my short story which is getting older than myself.
  6. Go to a proper "High Tea"; gloves, hat, clotted cream - the works.
  7. Conquer my addiction to Candy Crush Saga.
  8. Learn how to sit back, look around, smile, and realize what I really want I already have.

Oh, and a pony.

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