Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot :(

It is hot in Philadelphia.  Like Africa hot.  The thermometer says it is in the 90s but the heat index is in the 100s.  The air is thick when you breathe and you get instant swamp ass the minute you go outdoors.  I have central air (thankyoubabyjesus) and it was broken Sunday overnight to Monday.  I grew up without A/C, window units included.  These days (boy do I sound old) I cannot live without it.

A nice (temporary) solution to the hotness would be a nice bike ride but my muffler is still spitting gas all over the place.  For the first five minutes of operation, my little motorcycle decided to start spewing gas from the left muffler all over the garage and driveway.  And then she runs fine.  I have had two mechanics look at it and now I have left messages for three new ones.

She's old (an '82 Kawasaki 440) but I like her just fine.  Anyone out there who likes working on carburetors or old, quirky bikes, drop me a line.

So, no Earth shattering insights into the world today or nothing new going on in my world, but "hi", it's hot, send me a competent mechanic.

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