Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Julie, aka WordNerdGirl, asks us to: "grab 3-5 random sentences (I used the newspaper) & rewrite them backwards from last word to first. Lots of cool wordplay emerges. And... Yoda like sound you make will prompt writing this."


From Augusten Burroughs' "Possible Side Effects", p246

  • Me to mystery a was, Meats specifically marked drawer the of instead, drawer crisper salad the in meats the kept mother my why.  Crisper Salad marked drawer sliding the opened and refrigerator the to went I.

Hmm, more caveman than Yoda.  Let's try another source.

From David Rakoff's "Don't Get Too Comfortable", p128

  • Held am I which in pity or contempt the of reminder physical the becoming somehow or, welcome its overstaying object the about think to want don't really I and.  Ego artistic of sense any of out them keep they if care much don't I but, make I things the unwrap people watch I when moment lovely a it's.

Well, this is better.  Let's (um, me) alter some of David's words and see what happens:

  • Held, am I, in pity or contempt.  The reminder of the physical becoming the object I don't want to think about.  Ego, artistic sense, they care much, but I don't. Unwrap people, watch the lovely moment.

Eh, it's an experiment.  Grab something you enjoy reading or don't enjoy reading and discover a new way to play with words.

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