Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh, Bother!

Prompt 40 from Creative Writing Prompts : "List 20 Things That Annoy You".


There aren't enough gigabytes to store the long, long list of grievances I have with the world.  I am turning 40 on Wednesday; my whole life people would joke I was "5 going on 40" or "12 going on 40".  Now I am just "39 going on 40 becoming Andy Rooney".  Grumpy Cat has nothing on me :)

  1. People who text or "secretly" look at their phone screens during a movie in the theater.
  2. The mockingbird from last Summer who has found his way back here this Summer.
  3. Baby corn.
  4. The looks I get at the market when I am loudly correcting or corralling my children.
  5. The word "moist".
  6. Parents who don't teach or enforce manners with their children.
  7. Hipsters.  I saw one last night who looks like he lives on kale and drinks his own urine.
  8. Drivers who fail to use lights and wipers when it is raining.
  9. Drivers who do not know the difference between "stop", "yield", and "come hit me".
  10. Drivers who are mad at me for pulling over for emergency vehicles.
  11. Um, I guess any driver aside from me.
  12. Butter on bagels.  Cream cheese is the only acceptable condiment; lox preferred but optional.
  13. "Lite Beer".  A) it is gross and B) any product using "lite" is teaching my kids to spell wrong.
  14. Raisins. Especially sneaky ones hiding in baked goods I was noshing on.
  15. Your/you're, there/their/they're, alot/a lot abusers.
  16. The word "like" as a constant interjection.
  17. Pantyhose.  But I hate that people who don't wear hose when the occasion dictates.
  18. Small portions of food you eat in one sitting only to discover it was "4 portion-sized".
  19. Smugness.
  20. Complaining, making lists, and irony?

from Grumpy Cat's Official Facebook Page

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