Friday, February 14, 2014


I know I have not posted in a long while but recently there has been great demand (erm...) for my Facebook Anti-Winter Weather Haikus to be "published". As I am older than dirt, I hear "published" and think "paper". I have Tweeted the lovely poems below, but here they are, on one page, for your viewing pleasure. I think the Vogons have nothing on me!

Haiku #1 (or, When the Storm Was Gently Falling in Backyard and Pelting Front of House)
Gentle flakes falling
Ice pellets tap tap tapping
Bipolar vortex

Haiku #2 (a/k/a The Storm is Getting Serious)
Winter wind whistling
Shaking, shuddering siding
Flakes flying freely

Haiku #3  (The Progression of My Desperation is Palpable)

Fuck this fucking shit
More snow than one mom can handle
Fuck this fucking shit

Haiku #4 (A ray of hope around 7pm)
Yellow machine scrapes
Clearing the way for the bus
Am I that lucky?

Haiku #5 (“Acceptance”)
Another day “off”
Steel nerves or nervous breakdown?
Bauer v Torrance

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